The first bamboo composite railway sleeper: de BSC

Rail infrastructure owners throughout the world are looking for means to lower their carbon footprint and with our Bamboo Composite Sleeper (BCS) we provide them the solution. The performance of our BCS surpasses concrete, wooden and composite sleepers currently on the market. Enhanced lifetime, extremely high strength properties and resistance to external conditions such as fungi, cold and heat to name just a few. As the BCS has dimensions and weight like traditional wooden ties, less handling cost apply and less transport is required. In addition, it reduces the use of ballast material, saving costs and even further lowering the environmental footprint for your project.

Track switch frames made from bamboo composite

As foundations for operating track switches, these frames are particularly suitable. Like the sleepers, these are:

  • very strong: Bamboo is up to 6 times stronger then steel
  • have a long service life
  • very resistant to shocks and load change
  • Bamboo is a gras and the plant is not dead after harvesting. Therefore no deforestation is happening. 

Sound fences made from bamboo composite

The bamboo composite is also particularly suitable for the construction of sound fences. Recent studies have shown that sound waves are well absorbed by these screens. They are easy to install with very light equipement and are easy to maintain.

The design of the fences can be easy adapted to any project, length, height or other requiremnts.