Dragonwood Rail stands for a better future for us all. We fight against deforestation & for reducing emissions! Dragonwood Rail is focussed on the research, development and implementation of innovative bamboo composite as greenhouse gas binding material across the rail-infrastructure sectors to reduce environmental impact of building material and increase competitiveness and positive value of green rail mobility.

With our Bamboo Composite Sleeper, the BCS, Dragonwood Rail is the first to offer a certified alternative to wooden and concrete sleepers made from bamboo composite. We are the only one who can give an alternative to traditional wooden sleepers, treated with kreosot, based on natural sulution without reducing life expactancy. Our vision is to replace traditional materials with bamboo composite. While being consistent in quality and controlled production in high volumes.

Dragonwood Rail addresses the aspect of “sustainable transport routes” while offering new approaches to adapted agriculture, energy, reforestation of the soil, raising the groundwater level and addresses the following issues
in detail:

  • Materials with longer life spans to reduce maintenance/replacement expenditures, e.g., higher frost resistance (through the use of bamboo in railroad superstructures). Bamboo composite has a life span of up to 40 years.
  • The suitability of the combination of sleeper material for recycling by taking it into account in the choice of material (sleeper material can be crushed when removed from the track and remixed into new sleepers, for example).
  • New Materials and Processes protect the climate:
    • Bamboo afforestation is a sustainable raw material and provides for a mass reducton in green house gases
    • BCS do not contain any creosote, sand, concrete or steel
    • Capture Co2 at large scale- in comparison to wood forests, bamboo grass forests reduce five times more amount of Co2 on the same space.
    • Worldwide bamboo afforestation could increase today‚Äôs forest areas by up to 10%